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Cheri Moran

I believe in maximizing ability.


In a nut shell, I believe in working with each body's ability, never forcing or coercing a specific outcome. 


Our bodies are all assembled differently and some have structural limitations that must be acknowledged and accepted. 

I am a self proclaimed anatomy geek, so I went on to get my massage therapy license. 


Until Covid I worked a lot with people with cancer and other systemic illnesses. I am hoping through this website that I can continue to do the work that is on my heart. 


Yoga Teacher Training: 

Yoga Institute of Houston

Lex Gillan - July 2009

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Level 1 – October 2009

Yoga Therapy for Older Adults:

Health Link Rx – August 2010

Mind-Body Interventions for Pain Management in Acute & Inpatient Rehabilitation: 

Health Link Rx – August 2010

Yoga of Awareness for Cancer:

Duke Medicine – April 2012

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